Our Rock Solid Conference has ended

(but you can still buy tickets, and the talks will be available to view for 6 months)


More families than ever before are discovering the

joy and freedom that Home Education can give.


Long before Covid-19 closed schools and forced thousands of families into a very limited and particular style of quarantine education, more families than ever were choosing to deregister their children and take up the privilege, responsibility and freedom of teaching their own children.

The introduction of enforced and unsuitable input of the Relationship and Sex Education agenda in schools and difficulties in finding suitable provision for many children with Special Educational Needs has no doubt continued to add to this exodus from our school system.

CHESS has been around for almost three decades. So we know and have seen home education proven many times as being  a viable option for preparing children socially, morally and academically to survive and thrive in the world.

Often, parents can feel overwhelmed and lacking in confidence, especially when starting out on the home education journey.   Am I doing enough? What about exams? Is my child learning the right things? How do I deal with Local Education Officers? Is my child missing out on anything? What about socialisation? These questions can haunt many of us.

Here at CHESS we know that home education works!

Our desire is to encourage, equip and support Christian families; helping them to build a sure and solid foundation for their family that will enable them to flourish and grow into their unique home education experience.


If you currently home educate, or are thinking about doing so, this event will help you lay a firm foundation and bring inspiration to home educate with confidence whatever age or stage your children are at. When the storms come as they surely will, and the winds of doubt or difficulty blow, we need to be able to stand firm!

There will be opportunities to hear from some amazing Christian speakers, as well as from home educating parents sharing important and helpful truths and experiences.

This conference will also enable you to be part of a vibrant online experience, sharing and interacting with others who are also travelling the same road.


Rock Solid Conference