For our members we provide:

General home education advice – all matters relating to home education, preparing for the visit of an LEA advisor, coping with uniform criticism, supporting a child with special needs etc.

Examination advice – advice about GCSEs and other examinations.

Testing service – a free testing service for children aged 8 to 14 which enables parents to assess each child’s performance in English and Mathematics and in Study Skills.

Legal Advice – advice on straightforward issues. Where we cannot give help ourselves we try to refer the problem to someone who can.

Political Activity – we keep an eye on major political proposals.  Where appropriate we assist with political lobbying on issues that affect us as home educators.

Resources – access to our library and signposting through the vast, and often bewildering, range of resources available to home educators.

Bi-annual conference – a discount to our popular bi-annual conference at held at Cefn Lea, Powys

Annual holiday – our annual members holiday at Cefn Lea, Powys provides a great opportunity to relax and to meet, share and learn with other like-minded people

Magazine – Home Time magazine with interesting articles by our members, contacts and other useful information, posted three times a year.

Local contacts – through our membership network we can put you in touch with other home educators in your area.  We also produce a contact list for members to assist with informal encouragement and support.

Members website – further detail on the above benefits, with much more besides, is available through a secure member logon to our website.