Why CHESS Connect?

CHESS Connect has been born out of the numerous emails and requests for

 help received from members wanting to find local community. We realise that many of our members feel isolated, particularly those who have not yet found local groups in which to find much needed connection, support and encouragement. Take heart! CHESS Connect is our way of providing a special community to join, and a regular meeting place for you wherever you live! CHESS Connect offers you a fantastic opportunity to get to know other Christian families, to share together, pray with, and be encouraged in your home education journey. We have a wide variety of topics and sessions being planned over the coming months, please do join us for as many as you are able. We do plan to record the sessions, and links will usually be emailed round to members shortly after for catch-up viewing.

If there is a subject you would like us to cover, feel free to email any ideas to info@chessuk.org.

Please login with your membership email to access the zoom link. If you are not a full member of CHESS, you can view all Membership Benefits or register for membership

Future Dates:


Previous Connect Events

  • Self Care, How do we balance the needs of our family whilst also looking after ourselves
  • Dealing with Officialdom, Local Authorities, Visits or Reports, Report writing
  • Fiction Books, Chris Eastwood & Caitie Hedgcock authors and inspiration
  • Raising Godly Teens. Foundations, Boundaries, Self Image, Godly relationships, Technology
  • Gods provision through challenging times
  • Another Way To Learn
  • The Schools Bill
  • Keeping our joy

To view previous Connect events please register for membership and/or visit the members area to link to the Connect Event Library.