Membership costs £20 per year for a family and includes the following benefits:

New members benefits

Membership certificates and Truancy cards

  • Membership certificates have a record of your membership number and can be used to ‘prove’ your status as a home educator. Many museums and attractions will accept this as evidence enough to give reduced price access.
  • Truancy Cards are really useful for older children who can keep it on their person when out and about without parents. It can help if asked by Truancy Officers why they aren’t at school, and the requirements of the law are quoted as well as a statement declaring that they are home educated.

Free Copy of “Making the Right Impression”

This is a book containing a selection of home educating case studies. It was collated and printed by CHESS using the testimonies of CHESS members who were willing to write down their experiences for the benefit of those coming behind them on the home education road. It reinforces the understanding that every family’s journey is as unique and different as the children in it, and is particularly helpful for those new to home education.

Preaching by Dr Stanley Jebb “Biblical Basis of Home Education”

Dr Stanley Jebb spoke at a CHESS conference a little while ago. His session on the Biblical basis for home education was extremely helpful, and well received. So much so that we decided to make it available to help and encourage new CHESS members!ertificate

Additional benefits available to all members

Day Conferences

Members always receive advance notification and significantly discounted/Free tickets at our own day conferences which we plan to continue holding regularly around the country.


CHESS Connect is a bi-monthly online meeting which offers you a fantastic opportunity to get to know other Christian families, to share together, pray with, and be encouraged in your home education journey. See full details about Connect here.

Richmond Testing for children

These are a series of tests which can help you to evaluate how your child/children are doing in several key areas of learning. The service is free to our members but for non-members we charge £20

The tests suit home educated children very well and can give a good indication of the kind of GCSE results the child might be expected to get. There is a different level for each Year Group from Y4 to Y9.

Please see our Richmond Testing page for more information

General home education advice

All matters relating to home education, preparing for the visit of an Local Education Advisor, coping with uniform criticism, supporting a child with special needs etc. Where we cannot give help ourselves we try to refer the problem to someone who can. Contact Us.

Home Time Magazine

This is our Members magazine which is published 2/3 times a year and emailed as a digital file. It contains encouragement, reviews and interesting articles related to Home Education. Contributions are encouraged and invited from members. Please email if you have something to contribute, or if you would like to be asked to write something on a given theme.  All past issues are available in the members area of the website.  See our Home Time Magazine Issue 80 (Feb 22) for a sample.

World Book Day vouchers

World Book Day vouchers are available free of charge to CHESS members. Every year around February time, members are invited to order their requirements for the coming year. These are sent out in time for World Book Day which is usually in the first week of March each year.

Annual Holiday at Cefn Lea in Wales

Each September, over 100 CHESS families meet together for a week full of activities and encouragement especially for our members! Heaps of fun, great conversations and sharing times, and probably more scooters than you’ve ever seen in one place!!  More details here.

Online Members Directory

This is held in a secure part of the website and is only visible to other paid up CHESS members who are in the directory themselves. It is great to find and connect with others in your area , and who knows, you may just find a heart connection waiting to happen…

Occasional member only special offers

From time to time we are able to pass on savings, discounts and special offers to our members. These will be emailed as and when they are available.

Membership certificates & Truancy cards

After the first year of membership, a personalised Membership certificate will be sent via email. This shows your proof of membership and also contains the truancy card wording. Membership certificates will be emailed annually to all members around February and can be printed off as required.

Political Activity

We monitor major educational political proposals and keep our members up to date with what being said and happening.  Where appropriate we assist with political lobbying on issues that affect us as home educators.