The oldest and largest home education support organisation in the UK. Lobbies extensively to defend home education in the UK.

A support group offering information for home educators including advice about educational materials, resources, GCSE examinations etc.

Supports home educators in Scotland

Penetrating analysis and comments on the current activities and attitudes of members of the establishment towards home education.

Run by highly regarded HE activist, Fiona Nicholson, contains lots of information on recent government legislation and guidance and court cases involving those outside the state system.

US-based non-profit organisation concerned with researching home education.

Informative website managed by the home educating group who organise the annual Learn Free Conference in the Midlands and have a special interest on advocacy.

A collection of valuable articles written by families who are home educating and have children with special needs and disabilities.

An excellent Biblical creation web site, originally founded by Ken Ham. Dr Monty White is AiG’s UK Chief Executive. AiG produce a range of resources as well as presenting talks around the country.

Family & Youth Concern is a national educational trust which researches the causes and consequences of family breakdown. Home education friendly.