Connect, Equip and Promote Christian Home Education in the UK

We are a Christ-centred, family-centred organisation that is a ‘hub’ for Christian Home Education (CHE).

CHESS serves to encourage its members in their use of holistic Christian curricula and other materials written from a distinctively biblical standpoint.


1. Facilitate national and local conferences.
2. Be a part of other relevant Home Education conferences.
3. Enable members to connect with other members.
4. Encourage access to regional knowledgeable member representatives who are able to offer local support and information.
5. Facilitate an annual CHESS holiday event or other regional holiday events.
6. Provide discounts to members for relevant activity to encourage participation.


1. Provide regular CHE information to members via Magazines/Newsletters, Blogs/Social Media, Emails etc.
2. Provide curriculum signposting and advice.
3. Advise members on areas regarding exams, political/legal/LA, special needs, curriculum choice, further learning.
4. Develop connections and links with other relevant organisations and offer discounts to members.
5. Provide Richmond (or similar) academic testing services.
6. Provide testimonies from CHE families to equip/encourage.


1. Produce and provide CHE promotional material for churches, families, other.
2. Network with other education organisations.
3. Promote CHE at appropriate Christian conferences and events.
4. Support CHE research activities.
5. Develop media (social or other) presence and establish a spokesperson to be a ‘voice’ for CHE.

CHESS Statement of Faith & Parental Purpose