Why Christian Home Eduction

A growing number of Christians in the United Kingdom (1) are taking their children out of State Schools and are either educating them at home or placing them in a specifically (2) Christian school. Are they justified in doing so? Is it a wise step to take? Will the children suffer as a result? What is Christian education anyway?  Read more

Biblical Basis for Home Education


Home Education Law & Guidance

A breif overview of our legal right to home educate our children and links to relavent government guidance, see here.

Introductory Reading

A list of books which provide a useful introduction for those seeking to understand more about Christian Home Education and to become Christian Home educators, see here.

Home Education Styles

Starting home educating can be confusing and stressful. But if God is leading you there, take heart, as He will provide all you need.  See full article by Rachael Elder.


There are many ways that families will choose to home educate whether that is a bespoke iterative process or whether a whole curriculum might be used, there is no best or one right answer, it all depends on you and your family’s needs.  However to help in your Home Education journey we have provided a list with links to a range of whole Christian curriculums and Christian lead curriculums, see here

HE Support – Small Business

A list of small businesses with a particular focus on supporting the Christian home education community, see here.


Other Useful Websites.